Manager, e-Care Strategy and Customer Care Social Media

The e-Care Strategy and Customer Care Social Media Manager is responsible both for the digital customer care strategy and for social media customer care operations (Social Connect). This blend of strategy and operational responsibilities offers the opportunity to drive significant change in how FCA engages with customers on digital channels, as well as the responsibility to deliver an exceptional customer experience in the social media space. The successful candidate will be expected to lead, inspire and motivate a team, while balancing operational, strategic and supervisory responsibilities.
This candidate will lead the Social Connect team, which serves as a key conduit to Fiat Chrysler customers to assist them with questions and issues, to inform and educate them, to learn what they are talking about, and to then close the loop with the other organizations of FCA of these collected insights. This Manager leads the team with eyes and ears on social media for the company.
Job Responsibilities:
Establish and maintain a dynamic digital customer care strategy for reaching customers where they choose to be.
Coordinate the development, launch, and support of new digital products and services and enhancement of current digital services, focusing on delivering an exceptional experience to FIAT Chrysler customers.
Work closely with customer care operations management and contact centers to, collectively, deliver an outstanding customer digital experience.
Establish performance expectations of the digital customer care teams and tactics to deliver on those expectations.
Continue the development and leadership of a dynamic, motivated, and curious team around customer care, marketing and listening activities.
Guide and inspire the Social Connect team in the following key activities:
Provide customer assistance and marketing support service to customers within the social media space across networks, forums, blogs, and other social media platforms-Provide proactive support to consumers requesting assistance
Promote sales and lead captures for the client by accurately and enthusiastically responding to consumer questions about products, features, benefits, incentives, and promotions
Create engaging and informative analytical social listening reports and insights to individual brands
Collaborate with internal clients, regions, and other organizations utilizing social media, ensuring complimentary activities and tools.
Work with leadership to define global social care KPIs and reporting processes.
Basic Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree
Minimum of 3 years of experience with social networks/digital channels at a professional level
Minimum of 1 year of experience in customer experience/care
Ability to identify gaps and opportunities to improve the experience throughout the customer journey
Experience working in a team environment, collaborating across organizations and levels
Strong organizational skills and proven history of multi-tasking
Demonstrates critical thinking and unique problem solving skills
Preferred Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree in business management, digital marketing, communications, marketing/sales
Master's degree in related field
Business strategy experience
Leadership or supervisory experience
Ability to handle ambiguity and embrace change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle
Proficient in G Suite

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